Monday, February 24, 2014

Vintage Female 20's Inspiration

As a designer you are always looking for inspiration. That inspiration can come from anywhere. 
Be that at the park, a building, a place, animals, colors, nature or different era's, you are always looking 
for inspiration everywhere. I have even gotten inspiration from my kids. Children have very active
imaginations, and can give you a great deal of inspiration. I have even used one of my children's 
abstract paintings as a fabric design. The "Roaring 20's" as it is often referred to, was a time of lavish 
lifestyles, as well as women not only becoming more assertive, but independent and just as "free" as
 men. This was a time of great change. There will never be as significant change in my opinion in the 
future, as there was the in the 1900's. From 1900 to 1980 fashion as well as society arguably, saw the 
most significant changes. Below are some images from the "Roaring 20's" that I feel are not only 
great examples of the dress for that era, but also still stylish today and can be utilized as great 
inspiration for current and future fashion. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment or even send me 
other images you feel would be helpful.

Vintage 20's Dress - This Extraordinary dress w/Carwash Hem a perfect example of a stylish look 
that still works today. 
Great example of 1920's wedding dresses, as well as the fascinators that were worn. While 
fascinators are still worn somewhat, here in the United States, they are not as popular. However, 
this stylish accessory, while widely overlook today, deserves some recognition, and perhaps a
 nice little comeback. This extraordinary accessory, gives such a not only completeness to a look, 
but a certain amount of high society, cultured look as well.
While this is actually pictures for tattoos, I wanted to utilize this to show a good example of different hairstyles that were also popular at this time, that not only work for today, but gives a really nice soft feminine look for short hairstyles. Having short hair can often times limit options for looks. This gives 
a nice additional options for those that have or want a short hairstyle, but also want the soft feminine 
quality to the look.
Both of these pictures are of the very popular Clara Bow from the 1920's. These pictures give a 
good glimpse into the look for makeup and brow shape that was widely popular for the time.
Thin brows were the "in" style, as well as bold eyes (eyeliner) that draws you into the eyes, as well 
as dark lips. The mole I think is one of those beauty marks that I think are always "in style". 
The first picture (1920's unidentified female) and the second of the very famous Clara Bow, 
show the most common and popular look for the 1920's from their hair to their makeup, to 
the shape of the brow and false eyelashes. This is a look, that believe it or not, is still very 
commonly used to this day In conclusion, fashion, while always evolving, is also intertwined 
with it's past. Just because it's old, does not mean it is not good, or cannot be utilized again 
or modernized.